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41418. E. Allen
About a month ago, in the freezing cold, I had gotten into an accident, and my car was stuck up on the curb in a mountain of snow. E. Allen helped to keep the situation calm in the below zero weather and had called a two truck who arrived in less than ten minutes. Thank you again for your help!
Date: 03/10/2014 14:22:17
41282. Grant Schlader and Mike Allard
On Tuesday 2/25, my car stalled on Walnut street. I was very scared. Grant and Mike both came to assist and protect myself and my car until help arrived. They both displayed genuine caring and offered help in any way they could. Their willingness to assist myself allowed me to get the vehicle home safely without costing me any money. I am extremely grateful for their presence and willingness to work with me in this situation. They kept not only myself safe, but the public as well. They stayed by the car until I could get it running. I am grateful not only for their protection but also their attitude towards helping me. I feel very thankful towards them!!
Date: 02/26/2014 15:31:45
41030. Scott Schuetze
Officer Scott Schuetze has done an amazing job dealing with a nuisance property situation at 2418 Ironwood Drive. This situation has been going on for a very long time and he never gave up. He also did a wonderful job keeping the neighbors informed of what was going on. Thank you Officer Schuetze!!
Date: 02/03/2014 15:28:15
40947. Melanie Skalmoski
Each year Windsor Cub Scout Pack 155 has our Blue & Gold Banquet. At the banquet, we have games for the Scouts and prizes for playing the games. Last year, I bought 70 Green Bay Packer Police Card sets through eBay at a cost of over $250. This year I thought, why not contact the Green Bay Police Department first. This is where Melanie comes in. I called the Green Bay P.D. and talked to Melanie. She was so kind in offering me the cards I needed. She offered to send them to me, but I figured I would be getting up to Green Bay as part of my job in the immediate future. The day I came up, I called and found out she was at a promotional event in the morning. I stopped by in the afternoon and she was there. She had no idea I was coming, but she just smiled and said she would go get me the sets I needed for our Scouts. She then went the extra mile and told me that I should contact her early next year so she can set aside the cards for our Scouts again. Every Scout got a Packer Police set as a prize for the Blue & Gold Banquet. They loved the cards and my job was made incredibly easy. I looked like a hero in the eyes of the Scouts and parents thanks to Melanie! Wow, what awesome customer service Melanie provides!!!
Date: 01/27/2014 15:07:13
40898. Officer S. Bickett
Officer Bickett responded to our non-emergency call regarding an issue we had with our neighbor. She immediately understood our concern, knew the law, and made us aware of our rights. She took our complaint seriously and reacted with professionalism. We are so grateful to Officer Bickett for assisting us in such an amazing way and advising us that we did the right thing by involving the authorities. Thank you, Officer Bickett! We truly feel WOWd by her outstanding service!
Date: 01/21/2014 19:08:01
40803. Pete Kraeger
On 1/7 in the AM, I sufferred a flat tire. As you probably remember- the temperature was well below freezing on that day. It was roughly -13 that day. While changing the flat tire, my car slipped off the jack and was resting on the bare wheel. I did not call the police, but Officer Kraeger came up to me on the highway and offerred assistance. He called the tow truck- even though I had a phone. He suggested that if he called the response time would be quicker. Also, after that he took me to work at Schneider National. My car was towed and repaired without issue, but with Officer Kraegers help, it was much less painless than it needed to be on a very cold day. I feel he had the opportunity to do much less for me , but went above and beyond that for me. For that, I am very thankfull. Keep up the good work.
Date: 01/13/2014 18:21:51
40022. Kelly Howard
Green Bay Police Dept on Adams St 11/6/13 I went to the Police department with information to file a police report. After discussing it with Kelly, she was able to give me great direction for my next steps. She was incredibly helpful and considerate of my nervousness about my situation. Thank you to Kelly for the great service!
Date: 11/07/2013 20:02:21
39787. Andrea Fox
We placed a call on 10/20/13, 4:45PM, and had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea. She was very pleasant, professional and accommodating with me in our conversation. This was another refreshing experience. Thank you Andrea.
Date: 10/22/2013 14:36:23
39795. Kevin Bahl
I want to give a shout out to the amazing officer who assisted me on Fisk St. Wednesday night/Thursday morning! Officer Bahl was great and I've never had an interaction with an officer who was so caring and empathetic! He was not judgmental when he saw I was in distress around bar close. Though he may not know it, I had a major concussion thus why I was so disoriented. I had been drinking, yes, however it was the situation that had happened 10 minutes before he had approached that led to what was going on. Officer Bahl may have saved my life that night/morning because he had talked me out of walking home, which was quite a ways away. This officer went above and beyond his duty by giving me a ride home when he found out I did not have my cellphone and did not know any phone numbers by heart. A big thanks to Kevin Bahl. God bless this officer for taking the time to listen and having the empathy to understand.
Date: 10/22/2013 14:36:23
39768. Craig Pakkala
Specialist Pakkala came to our branch location at Baylake Bank to take a statement and get information on an incident we reported. Specialist Pakkala was very professional and personable. He asked many pertinent questions and made me feel confident that the case would be worked strongly.
Date: 10/21/2013 13:33:15
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